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Top 5 Lifting Sling Manufacturers


Lifting slings, also known as rigging slings, are indispensable tools in the realm of cargo control products and lashing securing. These durable and flexible straps play a critical role in various industries, enabling safe and efficient lifting, rigging, and securing of heavy loads. In this article, we will explore the significance of lifting slings and their applications in cargo control and rigging operations.

What are Lifting Slings?

Slings are sturdy straps made from high-quality materials, such as nylon, polyester, wire rope, or chain. These slings are engineered to distribute the load evenly, preventing damage to the cargo and ensuring the safety of the lifting process. The flexibility and strength of slings make them an ideal choice for handling heavy and awkwardly shaped loads.

Types of Lifting Slings

There are numerous types of lifting slings, each designed to cater to specific lifting and rigging requirements:

Nylon Slings

Known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, nylon slings are commonly used for delicate loads, as they are gentle on the cargo’s surface and do not cause scratches or damages.

Polyester Slings

Resistant to UV radiation and chemicals, polyester lifting slings are perfect for outdoor applications and harsh environments. They provide excellent grip and load stability.

Wire Rope Slings

Composed of multiple wire strands, wire rope slings offer superior strength and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty lifting operations.

Chain Slings

Made from robust alloy steel chains, these slings are ideal for lifting extremely heavy loads and are highly resistant to abrasion and cutting.

Applications of Lifting Slings

Lifting slings find extensive use across various industries for cargo control and rigging purposes:

Construction Industry

Slings play a crucial role in construction sites, facilitating the movement of heavy construction materials, equipment, and machinery.

Maritime and Shipping

Rigging slings are essential for securing cargo on ships and preventing shifting and damage during transit.


Slings aid in moving large and heavy components during the manufacturing process, ensuring efficient production.

Warehousing and Logistics

In warehousing and logistics, lifting slings help with the loading and unloading of freight and containers, streamlining operations.

Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas industry, slings are used to transport heavy equipment and materials to offshore platforms.

Due to the widespread use of slings, their demand also increases and everyone wants quality slings that go with them for a longer time. So, here are the Top 5 Lifting Sling Manufacturers for you.

1, East link






Boasting a decade of expertise, Eastlink emerges as a respected and adept manufacturer based in China, specializing in a diverse array of premium-grade products. Eastlink’s extensive offerings encompass Polyester sling webbing, Lashing tapes, Round sling sleeves, Eye protectors, Ratchet straps, Polyester flat webbing slings, Round slings, One-way slings, Cargo nets, Cloverleaf slings, Marine slings, Corner protectors, Ratchets, Polyester yarn, Sewing threads, and more. Eastlink commitment to excellence remains unwavering, as we meticulously ensure that each product adheres to rigorous quality standards, catering comprehensively to various industrial demands. Rely on Eastlink as your steadfast source for dependable and enduring solutions, guaranteeing remarkable performance in lifting, securing, and a multitude of applications.





US Cargo Control demonstrates its expertise as a trusted authority within the nylon sling sector. The company offers slings crafted in the USA, utilizing robust materials that have undergone specialized treatment to enhance abrasion resistance and minimize wear, even in the most demanding lifting scenarios. These heavy-duty nylon slings are purpose-built to meet your lifting requirements and are supported by our unwavering guarantee. The nylon slings by US Cargo Control are meticulously fashioned from industrial-grade webbing boasting a robust strength of 9,800 pounds per inch, aligning with industry benchmarks. Each sling features a sewn-in Corfam tag that provides essential information regarding working load limits for vertical, basket, and choker hitch applications, whenever relevant.



3, GlobalSpec




GlobalSpec stands as the planet’s largest online hub for engineers, providing an unparalleled repository of essential engineering content, information, insight, tools, and a thriving community tailored for engineers and technical experts spanning diverse industries and fields. With a user base exceeding 8 million industry professionals, GlobalSpec earns their trust as a reliable source throughout various phases of research, product design, and the procurement journey. The platform offers a distinctive and exceptional informational encounter.

Rigging sling

Lifting sling

4, Lifting PMS




Lifting PMS, as the leading French manufacturer, assures the adherence of our products to European standards and the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE. Lifting PMS, portfolio encompasses an extensive selection of textile and steel slings. Within these offerings, you will discover an array of both standard and custom lifting solutions. Across the past 35 years, Lifting PMS has pioneered the fabrication of diverse textile slings crafted from materials such as polyester, aramid, or UHMWPE, spanning round, flat, multi-legged designs, and specialized configurations.

1 leg sling






LiftTex presents a comprehensive array of synthetic lifting solutions, encompassing webbing slings, round slings, protective sleeves, and our advanced Extreema® heavy lift HMPE slings (infused with Dyneema®) engineered for optimal performance. Our offerings cater to your specific requirements, ensuring secure and accurate task completion. To attain superior results in synthetic round slings, LiftTex leverages contemporary machinery along with a blend of conventional raw materials like polyester, and cutting-edge high-performance substances such as HMPE or UHMWPE, including Dyneema®, renowned as the world’s strongest fiber™.

Standard polyester webbing slings

Lifting belt sling