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Best 5 Roller Shutter Motor Companies


Within the domain of home automation and security, the roller shutter motor emerges as a central and transformative element, seamlessly amalgamating functionality with contemporary design. Known interchangeably as a blinds motor or tubular motor, this technological innovation is reshaping the dynamics of human interaction with domestic environments.

The Versatile Role of Roller Shutter Motors in Driving Modern Window Coverings and Electric Blinds

Fundamentally, the roller shutter motor operates as the powerhouse driving the functionalities of roller shutters, blinds, and various window coverings. Its adaptability extends beyond the realm of mere shutter control, positioning itself as a crucial component in the arena of electric blinds. This flexible tubular motor, operating with precision, facilitates the seamless adjustment of roller shutters and blinds at the simple push of a button.

The Dual Impact of Roller Shutter Motors in Powering Electric Blinds for Residential and Commercial Spaces

A key advantage intrinsic to the roller shutter motor lies in its capacity to elevate both security and convenience within residential and commercial spaces. The electric blinds, propelled by these motors, enable effortless control, providing a swift and efficient means of managing privacy, light penetration, and airflow. Beyond contributing to an enriched living environment, this capability serves as a deterrent to potential intruders, thereby augmenting the overall security of the premises.

Tubular Motor Technology Redefining Residential Comfort with Silent Operation in Roller Shutter Motors

The integration of tubular motor technology into roller shutter motors ensures a silent and smooth operation, a feature highly valued in residential settings where noise reduction holds paramount significance. The subdued yet potent performance of these motors enhances the overall appeal of electric blinds, fostering an unobtrusive and seamless experience for homeowners.

Effortless Control Anywhere, Anytime with Electric Motors for Roller Shutters

Furthermore, the convenience facilitated by the electric motor extends beyond the confines of domestic spaces. With remote control capabilities, users can manage their roller shutters from the comfort of their residences or even while away, introducing an added layer of flexibility into daily life.

The roller shutter motor transcends its mechanical essence; it serves as a conduit for enhanced security, convenience, and contemporary living. Whether deployed in residential or commercial settings, the versatile tubular motor technology seamlessly integrates with electric blinds, reshaping the dynamics of human interaction with window coverings. As we navigate the landscape of home automation, the roller shutter motor remains a central and indispensable force in propelling living spaces toward new echelons of efficiency and sophistication.

1, Ningbo Sixin





Ningbo Sixin Import & Export Co., Ltd. operates as a comprehensive enterprise, seamlessly integrating the research and development, production, and sales of window decorations. Ningbo Sixin specializes in crafting professional custom intelligent manual roller blinds, zebra blinds, curtain rods, curtain tracks, smart curtain motors, and window pushers. SIXIN employs standardized processes in production, emphasizing attention to detail. Ningbo Sixin is dedicated to establishing a robust management system and consistently enhancing it through refined management practices. Ningbo Sixin’s commitment is to offer customers intelligent shutter solutions and personalized services, manufacturing shutters in various sizes, and providing OEM/ODM services.

2, LTS



From the initial idea to the final product, LTS prioritizes our clients by placing them at the core of our operations. LTS team of engineers, fabricators, sales, and after-sales service diligently attends to their specific needs. Our products stand out due to their extended service life, cutting-edge technology, and heightened security features. The combination of our passion and expertise propels us to consistently achieve superior results, positioning us at the forefront of the roller shutter motor industry. Committed to the principle of “quality without compromise,” we aspire to set the benchmark for excellence in the roller shutter motor industry.

3000kg heavy duty roller shutter motor

4000kg heavy duty roller shutter motor

3, Windowo





In 2014, Elia Caneppele, a recent graduate at the age of 24, embarked on the journey of creating his e-commerce project, giving birth to Windowo. Today, Windowo stands as your convenient online destination for window hardware with just a click away. Windowo’s mission is to provide a trustworthy experience and the benefits of a secure and uncomplicated online shopping process. Striving to make top-notch door and window accessory brands accessible to everyone, Windowo exclusively offers professional items, primarily manufactured in Italy. Windowo ensures accessibility for both businesses and individual customers by eliminating minimum purchase requirements and maintaining affordable prices.

Motor for Tubular Roller Shutter 25Nm 50kg

Tubular Motor for Motorized Roller Shutter 35Nm 70kg

4, Kalpana Engineering Work




Situated in a prime location in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, Kalpana Engineering Work has a rich history, being established back in 1965. Recognized today as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Kalpana Engineering Work offers an extensive range of industrial products. Kalpana Engineering Work diverse portfolio includes Rolling Shutter motors, Mild Steel Liquid Storage Tanks, Shutters, Operator Wall wall-mount shutter Motors, and more. The raw materials used in crafting these products are of the highest quality, and directly sourced from reliable vendors. Thanks to our team’s adherence to GMP and TQM policies, we consistently produce state-of-the-art goods.

Electric Rolling Shutter Motor

Rolling Shutter Operator Motor





Embracing the notion of being 100% smart without complex technology is our driving force at HOMEPILOT. With decades of experience and extensive smart know-how, our smart home team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions. HOMEPILOT do-it-yourself solutions, proudly crafted in Germany & France, empower you to effortlessly transform your home into a personalized smart haven. Whether it’s a single application or a comprehensive home automation setup, design your smart home with plug-and-play simplicity according to your preferences. As a part of the French Delta Dore Group, HOMEPILOT offers smart solutions for roller shutters, sun protection, lighting, heating, security, and garage, just a click away with a wide range of online support for a hassle-free “do it yourself” experience.

Smart roller shutter automation set premium

Smart roller shutter motor m20 premium