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BSLBATT 24V Lithium Batteries: Complete Product Review


A large number of equipment are used in and around an industry. Electric forklifts, floor cleaning machines, etc., are only some. Floor equipment in an industry is constantly at work. So, using highly efficient and long-lasting power sources in them is essential.

24V Lithium batteries are the best option for any industry floor equipment. The low maintenance requirement of Lithium batteries is highly beneficial for floor equipment. Even after continuous use, the Lithium batteries retain their efficiency.

BSLBATT 24V Lithium Batteries: Detailed Review

BSLBATT is a China-based forklift battery supplier. These forklift battery suppliers have been dominating the Lithium-ion forklift battery industry for a good deal of time. BSLBATT focuses on producing and supplying premium-quality Lithium-ion batteries that are essential for industries and businesses.


  • Brand: BSLBATT
  • Model: 48V Lithium Battery
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Product Warranty: 10 years


The 24V BSLBATT Lithium batteries are known as a reliable power source. They exhibit consistency in their performance. The battery system is highly advanced and, thus, functions flawlessly. The premium quality material used in the construction of the battery makes it last long.


  • BSLBATT batteries undergo fast charging within two hours.
  • BSLBATT batteries sustain a voltage 40% higher than their counterparts.
  • BSLBATT batteries are relatively cleaner, long-lasting, and safer.
  • BSLBATT batteries only cause about 50% less carbon footprint than the other batteries.
  • The cost of BSLBATT batteries is about 50% less than most of their counterparts.
  • The recharge process of BSLBATT batteries is 99% efficient.
  • BSLBATT batteries are compatible with forklifts, floor equipment, work platform stations, etc.


The BSLBATT 48V Lithium batteries come in a modular design. They are sharp-looking and suit any aesthetics.

The dustproof and shockproof design make the BSLBATT batteries ideal for continuous use.

The case of the BSLBATT battery is made of high-grade steel. This fire-retardant surface of the batteries brings higher safety into the work environment.


The 48V BSLBATT batteries are designed for convenience, so the user need not worry about handling them. It is relatively lightweight, and thus, maintenance can be a breezy affair.

BSLBATT batteries comply with international safety standards like UL2580, UL1973, CB, CE, ROHS, etc. So, while using the battery, the user need not be concerned about the safety issues that may occur.

When the customer receives the BSLBATT battery, it will likely be in storage mode. To activate the battery, the user has to check the manual and close the circuit accordingly. A yellow tab will be on the battery, which should be folded to complete the circuit to activate the pack.


Earlier, lead-acid batteries were widely used to power the material handling equipment. However, introducing BSLBATT Lithium batteries was a game changer for material handling.

When compared to lead-acid batteries, using BSLBATT 24V Lithium batteries offers various benefits:

  • Longer life
  • High safety
  • Increase in capacity
  • Low cost of ownership
  • High tolerance of temperature
  • High efficiency, etc.