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Best 5 places to trade gift card for cash in Nigeria 2023


The gift card is one of the great innovations of financial technology that have made transactions much more convenient for people.

When a country like Nigeria has a large economy where both local and foreign companies thrive easily and quickly, selling gift cards to customers makes sense and would be a thoughtful gesture.

Businesses create and issue gift vouchers to their customers as a way to generate brand awareness, increase sales revenue, and reward loyal customers with discounts.

A gift card enables people to transact smoothly and conveniently in a store. On special occasions such as birthday anniversaries, weddings, and festive seasons like Christmas, some people believe that gift cards are the ideal gift option.

A gift card is unique because it represents money value stored in a voucher that can be used to purchase gifts from a retailer. However, because of the monetary value, gift cards can be resold to gain cash.

Consequently, you can sell gift certificates for cash or cryptocurrency if you don’t use them in stores.

Here are the best 5 places to trade gift card for cash in Nigeria 2023

1, Giftngpay


Due to the expertise of Giftpay’s team in recycling gift cards, it is possible for Giftpay to do so efficiently and effectively. To provide the best price for gift card transactions and to provide the best platform to do so, a combination of scientific methods and professional approaches is used.

In order for Africans to be able to trade with Google, Gingpay has made it a number one priority to provide a safe and reliable trading platform for Africa. Rather than maximizing profits, the company’s primary objective is to promote Africa’s economic growth, as it is more concerned with contributing to Africa’s growth than maximizing its own profits.

2, Cardtonic


It’s easier than ever to sell gift cards and bitcoins in Nigeria with Cardtonic. Using this app, you’ll be able to sell your gifts and bitcoins very quickly and receive your payment almost instantly in Naira. The gift cards that Cardtonic buys offer some good rates, and almost every popular gift card is purchased by Cardtonic.

There are several reasons why Cardtonic is a reliable platform. One of the best things about their application is that it has a very nice interface that makes it very easy for you to trade with it without having any difficulties. There are a number of Android apps available for selling gift cards in Nigeria, but if you’re looking for the best Android app for selling gift cards, Cardtonic should definitely be on your list.

3, Mypatricia


If you read the reviews of Patricia on Google Play at first, it may seem frightening, since many people have left negative comments about the app. Having used it once, I can say that it is not as bad as people have made it out to be. You can sell gift cards through Patricia and get paid in Naira or Bitcoin, and there is no better way to do it.

With Patricia, you can buy, sell, and exchange gift cards anytime, anywhere, as they are one of the best Android applications to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Their customer support is also excellent.

4, Cardncash


In order to trade your gift cards without losing them, use CardnCash. They have a secure platform where your cards will not be used during the transaction. They have some of the best rates and want you to be aware that they don’t use your cards to make the transaction.

The CardnCash Android app makes it easy to sell gift cards in Nigeria, and you’ll receive payment instantly if you sell any card in that currency, along with an excellent user interface and customer support.

5, Snappyexchange


SnappyExchange is one of the best apps in Nigeria for trading gift cards. In June 2020, SnappyExchnage acquired thousands of gift cards, making it possible for people to sell their gift cards and bitcoins for cash without having to go through the hassle of listing them on Facebook or through classified ads.

With the outstanding services that SnappyExchnage offers, it has gained popularity not only in Nigeria, but is now available in Ghana as well as Nigeria. The SnappyExchnage platform is now available in Ghana, where you can also trade your gift cards. You will always be grateful to SnappyExchnage for its over 30,000 active traders.