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BSLBATT 48v Lithium-Ion Battery: A Concise Review


BSLBATT is a China wall-mounted Lithium battery supplier. The brand focuses on producing and distributing wall-mounted battery solutions for homes. At BSLBATT, many battery options vary in capacities between 5 kWh, 8 kWh, 10 kWh, 15 kWh, and 20 kWh.

BSLBATT has customers across 100+ regions worldwide, and their products have received rave reviews over time. One of the most popular home backup power solutions from BSLBATT is the 48v Lithium-ion battery.

BSLBATT 48v Lithium-Ion Battery: Detailed Review

The 48v Lithium-ion battery from BSLBATT is perfect for homes. It is suitable to be used in systems on-grid or off-grid. These batteries can provide a high amount of energy and, thus, are ideal for homes and commercial centers.

The 48V battery from BSLBATT uses advanced LiFePO4 cells, which provide long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance to the user. The 48v BSLBATT battery is expandable too.


  • Brand: BSLBATT
  • Model: B-LFP48-100
  • Dimensions: 442mm x 520mm x 177mm
  • Capacity: 5120Wh
  • Item Weight: 45 kg
  • Product Warranty: 10 years


the BSLBATT 48V battery features a 5120Wh capacity that can be expanded up to 184.32kWh. It functions at a 99% efficiency rate. As per the reviews, the battery can stand over 6000 battery cycles.

The LiFePO4 technology equipped in the battery enables it to perform consistently for a relatively longer time. This UL-rated battery pack has a BMS, which ensures high safety during usage.


  • The battery has an efficiency rate of 99%.
  • The battery features fast charging and discharging rates.
  • An automatic unit-level equalization feature is available for the battery.
  • The battery exhibits compatibility with more than twenty converters.
  • The battery is non-hazardous.
  • The battery is UL-rated.
  • The battery has a built-in protection plate.
  • The BMS feature protects the battery pack from overcharging, short circuits, etc.
  • The battery self-monitors the battery status and makes necessary adjustments.


The 48v BSLBATT battery comes at a reasonable weight of 45 kilograms. It comes in an iron case with insulation paint for additional protection. It has a power panel that displays all the battery’s functioning vitals. The necessary controls of the battery are also located on the power panel.


BSLBATT 48v battery stores solar energy and supplies it whenever necessary for the home grid. These batteries effectively reduce the user’s dependency on the power grid.

The user need not manually shift the home from the power grid to the battery. The battery takes over automatically whenever a power failure happens. These batteries are compatible with grid-connected or independent solar installations.


The 48v BSLBATT batteries are much more easily transported from place to place. Despite the high-power retaining capacity, the weight of the battery pack is just 45kgs. This relatively less weight contributes to its status as an effective outdoor power backup solution.

Also, compared to many other power backup solutions in the market, the BSLBATT batteries are much more sustainable. These batteries are highly compatible with solar power and, thus, promote renewable energy.