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Top 5 rqbic led strip suppliers China 2023


A Brief Note on LED Strip Lights

In terms of LED Strip Lights, they are nothing more than a string of LED lights which are arranged in series on a flexible (but sometimes rigid) surface. They are extremely fashionable lighting decoration for staircases, theaters (cinemas or plays), holidays, hallways, cars, and many more.

These are available in single color options, usually different shades of white (cool, neutral, and warm) and also as RGB, which can display any combination of Red, Green, Blue or any other combination of these primary colors.

We will provide you with some information about rgbic led strips suppliers in this article.

RGBIC LED Strip Light

The RGBIC LED Strip Light is a new player in town. Technically, it is also an RGB LED since it can display Red, Green, and Blue colors. But how are they different?

It can be seen from the name itself that an RGBIC contains an integrated circuit or IC on the LED strip (actually there are a few ICs on the strip). What makes these ICs special? Well, for a start, they allow a much finer-grain control over the LEDs.

There is a problem with regular RGB LED Strip lights that when we set the color Red, for example, using the remote control, then all the LEDs in the entire strip will become Red as well. Similarly with other colors. All LEDs will have the same color.

There is a slight change in things in RGBIC LED Strip Light. Due to the presence of intelligent ICs along the length of the strip, the strip has essentially been divided into several segments, with each segment containing an IC and some LEDs.

It is important to keep in mind that the number of LEDs per segment can vary from strip to strip or from the type of LED. For example, in case of standard WS2812B LEDs, each LED has one in-built controller. However, some other types of LEDs may have three LEDs per IC.

The benefit of such segmentation is that we can control the colors of those segments independently from other segments (whether it is one LED, three LEDs, it doesn’t matter).

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Top 5 rqbic led strip suppliers China 2023



Leading developer, designer, supplier, and manufacturer of high quality dream color LED strip light and led neon light, Hanron Lighting Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Hanron has cultivated a group of talent of more than 100 people, including 10 technical engineers and 20 sales engineers. In addition to passing ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, most of our products are compliant with certifications such as ETL, BIS, CE, RoHS, Reach, LVD, TUV CB, IECEE, TER, LM80 and Waterproof IP rating.

Over the past few years, the company has developed and invested in more than 500 different types of addressable led strip lights and pixel led strips, including popular LED strip lights (WS2811, WS2812B, WS2815, Sk6812), engineering-specific products (DMX512 LED strip series, LED pixel screens, and breakpoint resume series) and custom products. Customers can also contact our company for professional advice and OEM/ODM services based on their design documents or application scenarios.

LED strips from this company have been widely used for stage KTV lighting decoration, smart city lighting solutions, smart home use, computer cases, lighting, and audio, as well as robots and warehouse equipment indicator lights, smart lighting for automobile parts, smart lighting for clothing, Christmas lighting, and holiday programs. Several smart products can benefit from these innovative solutions!

2, Shenzhen Bright Technology Industrial Ltd.


The company “BRIGHT Technology Industrial Limited” is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in LED light R&D, production, selling, and after-sales services. They have a team of experts in both technology and marketing.

There is no doubt that technology plays a major role in the importance of energy saving. Bright Technology has continued to research and develop new technology for LED products. At present, they have a series of independent and know-hows on LED lights.

The majority of their products are produced according to ISO9001 standard. Their major products include LED strip, LED bar light, LED downlight, LED tube, LED panel light, digital tube, pixel light, LED street light, etc. They also provide OEM/ODM services to their customers.

3, Shenzhen Banq Technology Co., Ltd.


It is the industry’s premier LED R & D company and management group. In addition to researching, developing and selling intelligent products, our company also promotes green lighting and industrial lighting, including smart bulbs, intelligent panel lights, downlights, spotlights, mining lamps, corn lamps, street lamps, tunnel lights, and other industrial lighting. Our company owns independent intellectual property rights, and we cooperate with well-known lighting companies across Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, among others.

There are currently more than 200 LED national patents in this group, and all the products are in strict accordance with international and national standards for research and development. They have all passed the UL, TUV, CB, CE, RoHS certifications. In order to produce products, we use imported automated equipment, we have implemented the ISO9001 international quality system, the ISO14001 environmental management system, as well as the T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and we strive to build a brand-building company with independent intellectual property rights of national brands, as well as take the road to brand development in the semiconductor lighting industry.

4, Shenzhen Hongtai World Lighting Co., Ltd.


It is a company that is specialized in the research and development of LED application products, production, and distribution of a wide range of LED products, including advertising lighting sources, landscape lighting, commercial lighting, etc. HTD Lighting is a modern enterprise that can perform landscaping lighting, lighting projects, design of 3D plane effects and animations, electrical wiring, and construction evaluations independently.

The company has advanced equipment, a humanized management system, an outstanding R&D team dedicated to creative design, unique production technology, and a reliable supply chain and timely production. They have been working in the industry for several years, and with their experience and national sales channels, their products have been exporting to all over the world, earning them praise and trust from their customers and the industry at home and abroad.

5, Lamp Lighting Electronic Co., Ltd.


Founded in 1997, Lamp Lighting Electronic Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented company that focuses on researching, developing, producing, and exporting LED lamps into a whole, as well as one of the earliest companies in the LED lighting industry with over 8 years experience. Due to their excellent quality, reasonable prices, and outstanding after-sales services, they are regarded as a trusted supplier by many of our customers.