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Best 5 DIY Jewelry Kits Online Stores in 2023


Whether you are looking to learn a new craft or just want to try out a new one, jewelry making kits are the perfect solution – they contain everything you need and you can begin making right away. A jewellery making kit makes a fantastic gift – either as a kit in and of itself, or even as a gift for someone else who has made their own jewellery.

Jewelry making kits are an excellent place to start if you are new to jewelry making supplies— or if you are returning to the craft after some time away. Once you get the hang of jewellery making, you can branch out and buy other jewellery making supplies, or just replenish those you’ve run out of.

What do I need for DIY jewelry?

Jeweler’s saws, flush cutters, round nosed pliers, flat nosed pliers, chain nosed pliers, and flat nosed pliers are a few basic tools that will help you get started. Practice material is also a good idea to have. It is wise to practice on copper before fabricating your piece in silver, since copper is less expensive.

What are the best jewelry making kits for adults?

Here are some of the best jewelry making kits for adults:

  • Artists’ Loft™ Metal Jewelry Making Kit
  • BeadsmithComplete Jeweler’s Tool Kit
  • Crafty Hut DIY Jewelry Making Starter Kit
  • Sullivans Jewelry Making Combo Kit
  • Miracle Shine Jewelry Making Kit
  • Miscellaneous Tool & Components Kit for Beginners

Best 5 DIY Jewelry Kits Online Stores in 2023

1, Pandahall


The company offers jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystals, and more items made in factories around the world. PandaHall offers small, high-quality items made in factories around the world. Among the products PandaHall offers as Squaretrade Verified Sellers are jade, silver, pearls, gemstones, lampwork glass, crystal items.

The PandaHall Logistics Center, which manages a variety of PandaHall’s international products, is responsible for taking care of several of PandaHall’s product management functions associated with PandaHall’s international products. Besides purchasing, storing, sorting, tallying, distribution, inverting, loading, and shipping, the center also handles a number of product management functions, such as ordering, storing, sorting, tallying, and shipping.

2, Beebeecraft


There is a wide range of jewelry making kits that they offer for both beginners and professionals, including bracelet making kits, necklace making kits, earrings making kits, and so on.

3, Cousindiy


Founded in 1970 as Enterprise Art, a retail craft store specializing in arts and crafts, floral and home decor products, Cousin Corporation of America has been family-owned and operated for over 40 years. The prevalence of jewelry making inspired us to focus our creative energy on providing products needed to bring this exciting craft to life through Cousin DIY. Throughout it all, they have remained devoted to the craft and continue to honor their bond with the jewelry maker by providing inspiration, education and a place where one can find components of classic style and a twist of trend that will inspire the jewelry maker.

4, Beadsnfashion


Founded in 2011, is a platform where you can buy jewellery, but also understand it, and live it as if you’ve owned the piece for a lifetime. Their company has been in business for over two decades, providing manufacturing and exporting services to more than twenty different countries. In addition, they maintain contacts and knowledge of various stakeholders in their business, including designers, karigars, wholesalers, wholesale markets, and end consumers of fashion jewellery.

5, Toocutebeads


Too Cute Beads offers a wide range of jewelry kits for anyone who wants to make jewelry, whether it is a beginner or an experienced jewelry maker. Our kits come equipped with a variety of gemstones, sterling silver beads, Swarovski crystals and much more!