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Best 5 promotional products suppliers China


Starting a new business means taking a lot of risks. A new business needs good promotion and introduction to its customers to be successful. Promoting business with promotional products is the best way to get more customers quickly. China, with its strategic positioning and robust manufacturing capabilities, emerges as a key player in the global promotional products industry.

Promotional products in China are some useful products that have the company’s logo printed on them and then these products can be distributed to different communities. These products can be a pencil, a water bottle, a cup or mug, or any other product which can be used repeatedly. Whenever people use the promotional product, your business will come in front of their eyes and other people near them also come to know about your business. This is how these tiny promotional products will help your business a lot.

Benefits of using good promotional products

Increase brand value

The use of Chinese promotional products will increase your brand value. People will see the quality of your promotional product and will be attracted to your business quality. The use of good quality products will increase the value of your business.


The utilization of promotional materials to promote your business is a very cost-effective marketing strategy. These modest and inexpensive items will help you promote your company to the public while staying within your budget.

Customer affection

Giving away a useful promotional product fosters a sense of goodwill and appreciation among people. It will help in building brand loyalty as customers remember the companies that give useful products to their customers and they try to remain in contact with them.

In conclusion, the use of promotional products China for promoting your business is a good marketing strategy as it helps to grow the business faster and also is a reasonable way of promotion. Rather than wasting money on things that are not useful to customers is a good way to consume natural resources in a useful way.

If you also want to promote your business with these useful promotional products here are the Best 5 promotional products suppliers in China.

1, Novoline


Novoline Promotions, renowned in the industry, has received praise for its exceptional service through ASI and SAGE. With offices in New York, USA, and Suzhou, China, the company strategically positions itself in key manufacturing hubs.

Having served thousands of clients, including small and medium-sized enterprises, schools, and renowned U.S. brands, Novoline Promotions boasts a mature service system tailored to satisfy diverse customer needs. Their competitive pricing, notably lower than domestic suppliers in the United States, positions clients to secure more orders. Overall, Novoline Promotions stands out as a reliable and cost-effective choice for promotional products.

2, The ODM Group


Founded in 2003, the ODM Group stands as a Promotional Products Marketing Agency that commenced its operations in Hong Kong. Over the years, the company has expanded and established a firm foundation in Asia, strategically located in proximity to its manufacturing facilities. The ODM Group’s diversified approach positions it as an ideal partner for international brands seeking a dedicated team to oversee their projects. With a robust regional presence in Asia, the company has continually expanded both in scale and the range of services offered, solidifying its position as a versatile and comprehensive solution provider.

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3, Ningqu international Co.


Specializing in the export of unique, customized, and quality logo promotional items, Ningqu international Co. are dedicated to the development and production of gifts as a China OEM gift product provider. Ningqu international Co. extensive range includes plastic business gifts, souvenirs, stationery, toys, electronic watches and clocks, calculators, metal keychains, radios, ball pens, promotional gift items, gift sets, giveaway items, Christmas gifts, and various other stationery products. With a global reach, our products are distributed across Europe, North America, the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, Belgium, France, Romania, Denmark, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, and more. Focused on expanding into new markets, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to build trust with our clients. Upholding our credibility, efficiency, and excellent service, we aspire to foster friendship and mutual benefits in business. We are committed to establishing long-term business relationships with your company, maintaining a dedication to quality and customer trust.

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4, PapaChina Co. LTD.


PapaChina, recognized as a leading global supplier of promotional products, maintains an unwavering commitment to excellence in both product quality and variety. The company prioritizes delivering an exceptional customer experience, ensuring timely delivery of promotional products and corporate giveaways to a diverse clientele that includes retail suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, advertising agencies, and businesses worldwide.

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5, Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co., Ltd

Website: Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co., Ltd

Shanghai Happyway International Trading Co., Ltd stands as a prominent international manufacturer of promotional products based in China. Leveraging its core advantages, the company has experienced rapid growth over the last decade. Currently, HappyWay boasts a customer base of over 10,000 companies, with more than 100 of them being Fortune Global 500 enterprises. Notably, the company enjoys a remarkable rate of repeated orders from existing customers, exceeding 80%. Distinguishing itself, HappyWay is likely the sole company in China capable of delivering thousands of logo-imprinted products promptly. The extensive product range encompasses T-shirts, crystal craft, notebooks, travel accessories, technology, and more. This wide variety simplifies the ordering process for companies seeking multiple promotional products, saving time on communication, transportation costs, and management expenses.

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