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Best 5 plastic injection mold design manufacturers 2023


Plastic Injection Mold Design

Injection mold design is one of the most integral parts of creating a plastic part. Customers may not be able to achieve adequate cycle times, part strength, cosmetic requirements, or tooling life if they do not design plastic injection molds correctly, and it can take a year or longer to build and rework a proper tool. It is less likely that these setbacks will occur if plastic injection molds are designed properly.

How do we judge if a mold manufacturer is good or not?

Firstly, you need to locate a mold manufacturer who actually cares about your project, responds to your inquiries promptly, and provides you with very detailed information and with great patience. This will take some time to observe.

Secondly, you should communicate with your suppliers as much as possible, not only through emails and phone calls, but also by words, pictures, and videos.

Thirdly, the mold maker should have a wealth of experience and knowledge. He should be able to develop your products according to your specifications and comply with your quality requirements.

Best 5 plastic injection mold design manufacturers 2023

Plastic injection molding is a type of manufacturing process that involves using molten plastic to create complex-shaped products. There are thousands of plastic injection molding companies in China that strive to give customers quality products at a reasonable price, which makes it difficult for customers to select the right company for their needs.

This list of the top 5 plastic injection molding manufacturers will help you manufacture your own product with custom plastic parts.

1, Winwinmold plastic injection mold design manufacturer


Founded in 2006, Win Win Mold has grown up to provide a full range of “turn key” services for its customers, starting with the design of products, the production of prototype parts, the design of molds, the production of molds, etc. As a result of their extensive experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds, they are able to offer the following services to their customers.

Whether you are a blue chip company or a small, independent business, they make products and components for you. As a result of their expertise and experience in multiple industry sectors, multinational corporations trust them while smaller companies often work with them because we provide support and care to every project. No matter the size of their partnership, they guarantee integrity and commitment.

Every part of the production process, from concept development to delivery, is covered by our injection moulding and contract manufacturing services.

2, Witmold plastic injection mold design manufacturer


Located south of China, WIT MOLD is a very professional mould design and mould manufacturing company specializing in mold design and manufacturing, with ISO09:2015 certifications for international quality. Since 2011, they have been manufacturing complete molds, and specialize in manufacturing different types of injection moulds that are exported worldwide, primarily to North America and Europe.

Every year, WIT MOLD exports more than 200 sets of moulds. They serve a wide variety of industries, including automobiles, home electrical appliances, medical and health care, smart homes, mobile phones, wearable devices, telecommunications, agriculture, packaging, and consumer goods.

3, Immould plastic injection mold design manufacturer


Fow Mould, a company in China that manufactures plastic molds with over 40 years of experience, is a manufacturer of plastic molds that provides high-tech injection molding services at economical prices. Since its founding in 1978, it has provided economical solutions to high-tech injection molding. With its highly qualified engineers and research and development department, this plastic mold China business is committed to taking innovation to the next level.

The Fow Mould Company delivers cost-effective and durable injection molding products to its clients based on their specifications in order to build a reputation in the market of injection molding worldwide.

4, Rilong-mold plastic injection mold design manufacturer


Rilong is a plastic injection mold maker in China that was established in 1990 for supplying high-precision plastic injection products. This company has a team of 300 skilled and experienced workers who are specialized in engineering, production, and testing of their products, and they are currently employed by the company. Providing innovative products to the clients based on their requirements, they provide in-house manufacturing solutions.

Rilong manufactures a wide range of automotive components, optical products, security cameras, and electronic products as part of its current product line.

5, Hanking-mould plastic injection mold design manufacturer


Founded in 1996, Hanking Mould manufactures plastic injection molds and plastic mold parts in Longgang, Shenzhen, China. Over the past several years, they have developed into a one-stop plastic injection mold manufacturing company that can handle both mold making and plastic injection molding as well as second processing and final assembly.

As a manufacturer and designer of plastic injection moulds in China, HanKing Mould has a large factory that produces plastic injection molds for worldwide customers. Additionally, they provide plastic injection molding mold making services for injection molding production, including second process and assembly, if needed by the customer. In fact, their worldwide customers come from all over the globe, including the United States, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Israel and many more.