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Top 5 Metallic car Wrap companies China 2023


You may be wondering what a vinyl wrap is if you own a car.

It is much cheaper than a new paint job, and you can easily remove it when you are tired of it. Wrapping a vehicle in this material is a good way to change its appearance without investing too much money.

Additionally, it can be customized to cover just a portion of your vehicle. Vinyl wraps also offer some paint protection. You can choose from a variety of patterns and designs, creating a vehicle unique to you.

Vinyl Car Wrap Types

There are three types of vinyl wraps:

  • Colored vinyl wrapping is especially great for older vehicles. It is usually more affordable than a simple paint retouch. An opaque cover is placed on the car, personalizing it and giving it a new life. With colored vinyl wrapping, you can change specific parts of the car’s body or create styles like matte.
  • With clear vinyl wrapping, you can preserve the original paint on your car, preventing potential chips and scratches. Although it’s not as creative as colored vinyl wrapping, it’s still a good way to protect the original paint.
  • Usually, companies select advertising covers. These are custom-made wraps that include the company’s logo and name, as well as contact details. The same pattern can be used on a number of vehicles, spreading the message widely.

Metallic car Wrap

Metallic car Wrap is the ideal wrap because of its highly reflective surface, high level of shine, and a vast selection of vibrant wrap colors. Metallic wrap is the vinyl for you if you want your car to appear extra shiny in the sun. Compared to other finishes, metallic car wrap has the shiniest finish and texture.

Top 5 Metallic car Wrap companies China 2023

Below we have listed the top 5 Metallic car Wrap companies China 2023.

1, Carwraponline Metallic car Wrap company


Car Wrap Online is a global online vinyl wrap manufacturer. The company was founded in 2013, and it specializes in premium car wraps in a variety of colors and styles. With almost 10 years of manufacturing experience, Car Wrap Online stands out in terms of innovation, quality, and value, as well as providing an exceptional customer experience.

During the development of Car Wrap Online’s vinyl wrap business, the company developed a professional distribution network worldwide. We offer products from warehouses based in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom and China. With the expansion of Car Wrap Online, more and more partners from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Ireland have become part of our family.

2, Carwrapsupplier Metallic car Wrap company

Website: is a vinyl wrap film supplier based in Ottawa, Canada, offering factory direct sales. In addition to professional grade vinyl wraps, CWS also offers cheap vinyl films, which are both economical and affordable. They have partnered directly with manufacturers to provide the best price and the widest variety of options. Color change vinyl films can be used for a wide range of purposes, including covering vehicles, boats, furnishings, or any other application to non-porous surfaces that may need to be covered and/or protected as well as given a new appearance and color.

3, Vinylfrog Metallic car Wrap company


The company was founded in Guangzhou, China, and has factories and dealerships around the world to serve their clients.

Many of VinylFrog’s products are DIY-friendly, so you do not need to hire a professional installer to enjoy hassle-free wrapping splendor. You can find stylish and protective options for your vehicle in the VinylFrog product line. It is best to hire a professional for a full wrap, particularly for curved surfaces.

On their website, you can order products in the following categories: Metallic, Gloss, Matte, Chrome, Paint protection, Printable, and more.

4, Metrorestyling  Metallic car Wrap company


At Metro Restyling, they strive to provide you with high-quality vinyl wraps and application supplies that meet your needs for car wrapping at an affordable price. The team members at this company are unsurpassed in professionalism and customer service, whether you’re a professional installer or a DIYer. Whether you’re a professional installer or a DIYer, they’re committed to offering you the best quality products at the lowest prices.

2, Teckwrap Metallic car Wrap company


Since its founding in 2012, TeckWrap has grown rapidly as a result of the vision and passion of Charles Heidenreich, from Baltimore, Maryland, in the USA.

Their goal is to offer their customers a wide array of vinyl films with a great outdoor life expectancy that are both high quality and affordable. Along with making our films accessible to the entire wrap community, they strive to create high-quality calendered and hybrid vinyl products that are of the highest quality.

As a result of its long life cycle (climate and driving habits are the real determinants) TeckWrap vinyls have an average life cycle of over three years. Each three months, TeckWrap releases a new design. Since color-change films are fashion products and market trends change very rapidly, TeckWrap is always striving to stay ahead of the game.