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It can be intimidating to start your own commercial piggery, but you can do it with some essential livestock handling and livestock feeding equipment. If you’re new to farming and you’re not sure where to begin, choosing the right pig farm equipment can be challenging.

In order to ensure the success of a commercial piggery, there are some important pieces of livestock handling equipment to consider. Below we look at some of the equipment needed to start a commercial piggery. It allows for feeding and watering, veterinarian services, disease control, and improved handling methods.

Crate for farrowing

A farrowing crate is arguably one of the best investments that a commercial piggery farmer can make. It is a crate or stall that is used to reduce piglet mortality by reducing the movement that the sow can make while feeding her piglets. The farrowing crates are kept clean and sanitised to prevent any parasites or germs infecting the sow and her young, and can help to control the food and water intake of the animals, preventing malnourishment in piglets and sows.

Crates for mating

A mating crate is essential for any commercial piggery, as it ensures that sows are protected during mating or that they are held securely during artificial insemination. It will be easy to clean and move the sows between gestation periods since they will be protected from injuries.

Pig Sty Feeders

Commercial piggeries thrive when their pigs are well-fed and healthy, so having the right livestock feeding equipment is essential. In order to ensure each pig can eat easily and without any problems, you need to consider three different sizes for each stage of development. To teach piglets how to eat solid food, you will need a pre-weaner pig feeder, a weaner feeder, and a porker/baconer feeder for larger piglets.


A pigpen is necessary livestock handling equipment for housing your pigs. Pigpens are areas where pigs can sleep, eat, and relieve themselves without causing damage to other equipment, and they should be easy to maintain and clean. You can easily assess the health of your pigs with a good pigpen.

Water Supply

A water trough is also an important piece of livestock feeding equipment. It is ideal to choose one that fits against the pigpen wall, making it easier for the animals to access, and one that is easy to clean to help keep the water fresh. To ensure continuous fresh and clean water, pig sty water troughs are small in size. Pigs’ water troughs are connected to a concealed and protected valve that runs from left to right. To prevent contamination of water, remember to clean the water trough regularly.

Below are the best 5 Pig farm equipments suppliers 2022:

1, pigequipments


In 2012, Shengrui entered the pig equipment market. From a single line of pig breeding products to a full range of intelligent breeding equipment, the company has devoted more than ten years to independent research and innovation. Currently, the products are sold in over 20 countries, making them one of the main suppliers in this industry. Over the past ten years, they have witnessed the comprehensive popularization of pig breeding technology and raising technology in China, and witnessed the development of pig breeding technology abroad. A series of products with independent intellectual property rights have been developed by the company in response to the progress of pig breeding technology throughout the world. Despite the original blank key equipment on the domestic market, the products meet the needs of pig farms. Domestically and internationally, the main equipment dominates. A large scale and intensive development of domestic pig equipment is currently taking place, which requires a higher level of quality and efficiency. The company will develop intelligent, Internet-control equipment to meet these higher requirements.

2, osbornelivestockequipment


In 1973, a group of city leaders founded Osborne Industries as a 100% employee-owned company in order to provide employment opportunities in north central Kansas so that rural communities could remain intact. Osborne Industries, Inc. was formed by these businessmen as a small manufacturing company.

As a first manufacturing facility, Stanfield heat pads were hand processed in the 4-H building on the county fairgrounds. As a result of its development in 1976, Osborne Industries developed Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), later known as Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), and launched a new low-cost method in 1993, Reaction Injection Molding (RIM). Osborne livestock equipment ranges from computer driven automated swine management systems to OEM industrial components across multiple industries.

3. pig-farming

The website offers a wide selection of equipment that can be used to breed piglets, sows, fattening pigs, and breeding adult pigs. In addition to our pig farrowing crates, sow gestation crates, nursery crates for piglets, feeders and waterers, we also supply pig cooling & ventilation machines, piggery warming machines, etc. You have found the perfect place for buying quality pig farming equipment at one place. Pig Equipment is available in standard in-stock sizes, and they are also happy to customize your order to meet your requirements.

4. skiold


In 1877 Skiold was founded in Germany, and since that time, it has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality machinery for feed mills, pig farms, seed cleaning and grain cleaning processing plants, among others.

The goal of their team is to ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible solutions, so that they are able to produce food for the world’s growing population, in the most logical places with the least impact on the environment, and also gain the maximum benefit from their own efforts.

They provide their customers with the most innovative solutions that are efficient, reliable, affordable and add value to their businesses. In all of our solutions and products, they strive to achieve the least negative impact on the environment across the entire value chain, from field to livestock, while incorporating global goals for a sustainable world in their solutions & products.

5. farmtek


The FarmTek Division of Engineering Services & Products Company was founded in 1979 to provide agricultural, horticultural, building and retail trade communities with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices and exceptional customer service. From a two-person regional operation,they have grown to one with corporate headquarters and sales call centers in South Windsor, Connecticut, and a manufacturing and distribution center in Dyersville, Iowa. With these multiple locations, their team of sales and service professionals is able to serve more than 300,000 loyal and satisfied customers worldwide.

FarmTek offers farm supplies, chicken feeders, poultry equipment, hoop buildings, hay tarps, barn heaters, greenhouse film, agricultural supplies, professional greenhouses, hay storage, barn lights, TekFoil foil insulation, game bird netting, livestock fencing, chicken watering systems, barn fans, fabric buildings, PolyMax, greenhouses, kennel flooring, barn curtain, pig scales, blackout curtain, hoop barns, feed troughs, hog supplies, cold frames, brooders, greenhouse plastic covering, equine supplies, and more to help you manage your farm, business or home. They have been serving the agriculture industry since 1979.