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Best 5 platforms for using ssh iot 2023


While IoT devices are convenient, efficient, and automated, leaving them unmonitored can lead to security breaches. In business settings, IoT remote access is key to maintaining and monitoring IoT activity in real time to ensure safe use. Cybercriminals can gain access to a bustling network through common shortcuts and risky backend methods.

SSH, however, can enable IoT devices to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world in a safe, easy, and reliable manner.

What is SSH in IoT?

The SSH protocol refers to both the cryptographic network protocol and the suite of utilities that implement it. Secure Shell consists of a client-server model, whereby a Secure Shell client application is connected to a Secure Shell server, which is the end where the session is run, with a Secure Shell server being the end where the session is displayed.

How do I access my IoT device remotely?

For accessing IoT devices remotely with SSH, it is commonly used to open up HTTP/HTTPS and SSH ports on the gateway router or firewall, so as to keep track of the gateway router’s IP address as it is being accessed remotely. Dynamic DNS (DDNS) solutions are often utilized to keep track of the gateway router’s IP address as it is being accessed remotely.

Best 5 platforms for using ssh iot 2023

1, Remoteiot


Its headquarters are located in the USA, but RemoteIoT Inc. is an international company committed to the delivery of remote access and management solutions of high value to its customers worldwide. They serve customers from various industries, including automotive, industrial, building and home automation, and information technology.

In particular, their products are suited for use by organizations operating in sectors where there are strict regulations and legislation that govern controlled access to data and requirements for system security and data privacy.

2, Zhejiang Dusun Electron Co., Ltd.


IoT Gateway Manufacturer and Solution Provider Dusun (Zhejiang Dusun Electron Co.,Ltd) is an experienced and professional IoT Gateway Manufacturer and IoT Solutions Provider. Their company has been supplying kernel hardware for the Internet of Things (IoT) for 18 years. They were founded for wireless communication, which means they own a large team that integrates research and development, design, and manufacture capabilities.

IoT and AIOT device manufacturers can rely on Dusun’s long-term investment in wireless communication technology research to offer high quality hardware products and professional sales services. Also, with their embedded software solutions based on chips and modules, smart IoT hardware manufacturers will be able to quickly provide human-computer interaction and wireless IoT products to their customers.

3, Shenzhen Minew Technologies Co., Ltd.


It has been 15 years since Minew was founded. Since 2007, they’ve been specializing in the area of Internet of Things and they own more than 103 patents, with more being issued daily. Providing innovative solutions to industry problems is a unique capability of their R&D team with over a decade of engineering and management experience.

As a result of the installation of a fully automatic SMT line at their facility, Minew has increased assembly line capacity by another 200%. Their core business currently includes a wide range of IoT products that are suitable for a wide range of applications. In the last decade, they have been manufacturing RF products for over a decade, and they have completed over 500 customized projects involving concept, hardware, software, and production. The daily production of 30,000 units includes electronic labels, Bluetooth Low Energy Modules, Beacons, Bluetooth Sensors, Bluetooth and Wireless Gateways, among others. As an adopter member of the FiRa Consortium, Minew is going to invest in technologies and products based on UWB. With over 50 engineers and 200 employees, they supply their products and services to over 50 countries.

4, Shenzhen Moko Technology Ltd.


Founded in 2006, MOKO has been in charge of Internet of Things (IoT) for years and has been keeping up-to-date with market demands in order to meet the needs of our customers. They are an ISO901:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified manufacturer focusing on RF/wireless products.

iBeacon & Eddystone, gateway, module hardware, and offering a one stop shop for all iBeacon and Eddystone hardware for high quality and low cost, is what they make their main focus.

5, Skylab M&C Technology Co., Ltd.


SKYLAB M&C Technology Co.,Ltd is a wireless research and development company specializing in GNSS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, UWB, NB-IoT and other wireless products. Providing high-quality, high-performance wireless modules and relevant application solutions to domestic and foreign customers seeking OEM/ODM and system integrator services. Committed to creating long-term market value as well as potential growth for their customers.

In 2002, SKYLAB began developing experiences in wireless communication field, building a powerful team with extensive experience in GNSS/WiFi/Bluetooth/GPRS hardware and software development.

They provide high-quality GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO navigation and positioning modules, WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, including indoor positioning solutions. Secondary development of applications based on the module core will be reduced.