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Best 5 Natural Gas Flow Meter Factories From China 2023


A natural gas flow meter is an important tool in natural gas production, distribution and measurement. This tool measures the amount of natural gas flowing through a pipeline in volumetric and mass flow rates. The natural gas industry depends on these meters to ensure that customers receive the right amount of gas, and that production and delivery are properly regulated. It is also used to track natural gas usage and billing purposes.

Natural gas flow meters play an important role in the production and delivery of natural gas. They measure the amount of natural gas a customer is receiving, as well as how much is being produced. This ensures that production remains efficient and that customers get exactly the amount of natural gas they are paying for. The accuracy of flow meters also helps companies adjust their gas production and distribution systems to ensure that the proper amount of gas is being supplied to customers.

The primary type of natural gas flow meters available today are differential pressure flow meters. These devices measure the difference in pressure between two points in a natural gas pipeline, which is then used to determine the amount of gas flowing through it. Another popular type of natural gas flow meters is turbine flow meters, which use spinning blades to measure flow rate. Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves to measure the speed of the gas, while Coriolis flow meters measure the gas’s mass flow rate.

Natural gas flow meters are reliable and accurate tools, but they must still be regularly maintained and calibrated in order to ensure accurate results. This means checking for wear and tear, as well as replacing or repairing any damaged or broken components. Through proper maintenance and calibration, natural gas flow meters can continue to provide accurate measurements for many years to come.

Below are the best 5 Natural Gas Flow Meter Factories From China 2023

1, Silverinstruments


SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS industrial process instrumentations meet a wide range of demands in Agriculture, Water and Wastewater, Factory Process Control, Oil & Gas, Electric Power Generation. In addition to being in huge installations worldwide, their measurement instruments meet a number of demanding quality, safety, and industrial standards in domestic and foreign courts.

Their products are manufactured in strict compliance with ISO9001:20008 International Quality System Certifications. In order to ensure the technology update of instrumentation, they have close relationships with Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Chang Zhou University. The strong technical power and highly educated staff are the core of their continuous development. They have obtained a number of patent certificates regarding process instrumentation.

2, Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co., Ltd.


Since 1986, Cixi flowmeter Co., Ltd. has been in business, and Shanghai Cixi Instrument Co. Ltd. was specifically established to handle export deals, and we were granted the Export and Import License in 2008. The Cixi flowmeter Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing and researching flowmeters and level meters since 1986. It has earned a reputation as an excellent manufacturer of flowmeters and level meters due to its sophisticated experience in technology and management. The outstanding performance of CIXI Flowmeters is making them increasingly useful in a wide range of industries. There are many countries where CIXI Flowmeters are used besides China, including Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, etc. There is an increasing number of users who are finding CIXI Flowmeters to be products with great performance and reasonable prices.

3, Zhejiang Sealand Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Sealand Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with 130 million CNY in investment that covers 40000 square meters and has a modern workshop and modern facilities for testing and production. With the pursuit of updating technology and promoting the quality of production, it makes efforts on company management, has implemented an effective management system, and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18000 certificates. The company offers two high-tech product lines: mass flow meters and fluid balance detectors. The Sealand Group focuses on the R&D of hi-tech products and innovation in frontier areas of science and technology.

4, Hubei Nankong Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.


Nangang Instruments develops, produces, sells, and services high-performance, intelligent instruments and related systems. A wide variety of products are offered, including vortex flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeters, metal float flowmeters, Roots flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, air energy metering management systems, Ic card electric energy metering systems, steam metering systems, air conditioning energy management systems, gas metering systems, etc. All research and development products are supported by complete independent knowledge products. The company holds 16 utility model patents and 4 product production licenses, explosion-proof licenses, and has customers in the energy conservation, environmental protection, municipal engineering, chemical industry, nuclear energy, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries.

5, All-Instruments International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


The All-Instruments International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. exports and imports industrial automation products to domestic manufacturers and overseas suppliers. They have a lot of experience exporting and importing. Russian, Korea, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Hongkang, etc., are their target overseas markets.