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Best 5 indoor playground solution providers


Indoor playgrounds offer a plenty of advantages that settle on them an optimal decision for the two youngsters and guardians. Indoor playgrounds are flexible spaces that take special care of youngsters’ prosperity, give guardians genuine serenity, and proposition a scope of financial and formative advantages for different partners. Because of their various advantages and expanding requests, the soft play equipment manufacturers and suppliers offer numerous reasonable indoor playgrounds at your place. Here are a few significant focuses to remember while introducing indoor playgrounds.

How to install an indoor playground

  • Search for available space for a playground
  • Make proper design and arrangement of all things.
  • Make a list of all equipment that is required for the setup of the indoor playground
  • Research for any safety regulations in your area
  • Get the required license
  • Search for the best indoor playground equipment manufacture
  • Select the best indoor playground solution supplier
  • Clear and clean the designated area. Ensure the flooring is level and free from obstructions.
  • If needed, install soft and impact-absorbing flooring like foam or rubber mats to enhance safety from any trustworthy soft play equipment supplier.
  • Install safety padding or netting where necessary to prevent accidents.
  • Ensure that all sharp edges and protruding parts are covered or padded.
  • Provide accessible entry and exit points for children and parents.
  • Install seating areas for parents or caregivers to observe and supervise.

How to select the best indoor playground solution supplier

There are many indoor playground equipment manufacturer that provides different equipment and solutions for indoor playgrounds but it’s important to search for a quality indoor playground equipment provider to save your investment for a longer time. It is best to visit their website and also study their past projects and reviews of customers before contacting any provider. Soft play equipment suppliers like Jule provides the best indoor playground solution to their customers. They have satisfied customers and excellent reviews for their work. Jule Indoor play equipment manufacturer has their name in this field.

Here are the Best 5 indoor playground solution providers.




JULE, boasting more than a decade of experience within the non-powered playground equipment sector, has solidified its reputation as a reliable and renowned brand, celebrated for its delivery of innovative and top-quality soft play equipment. Their product lineup is meticulously crafted, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, and is thoughtfully designed to cater to the distinct needs of individuals across various age groups, ranging from children to adults. JULE’s steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety has propelled it to a distinguished position as one of the global leaders in the manufacture of soft play equipment.

2, Dreamland Playground



Dreamland Playground was founded with the mission to enhance the quality and enjoyment of play within the industry. It operates as the Hong Kong Offshore Company for Zhejiang ZhongSheng Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. As a manufacturer, Dreamland Playground possesses valuable insights into what is effective and how to create indoor parks that maximize operational efficiency and profitability. Specializing in the design, manufacturing, shipping, and installation of playground equipment, Dreamland Playground offer turnkey solutions that adhere to ASTM and EN safety standards. This commitment to safety and quality ensures that their playground equipment provides a safe and enjoyable experience for children and families.

Space Theme

Custom Indoor Playground Equipment

3, Wenzhou jiqi amusement equipment



Wenzhou Jiqi Amusement Equipment, situated in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, is a well-established company founded in 1993. Wenzhou jiqi specializes in the manufacturing of children’s playground equipment. In addition to their main operation, they have also established two subsidiaries: Wenzhou Panda Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Tiger Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Wenzhou jiqi boasts a team of seasoned experts skilled in indoor and outdoor playground equipment, as well as kids’ furniture. Their technical capabilities are robust, ensuring that they produce high-quality and engaging products for children’s play and enjoyment.

Indoor Playground Soft Park

Indoor Playground Multi-style

4, School Craft



We take pride in being the premier School Equipment manufacturer in Pakistan, uniquely positioned as the sole Complete School Furnishing Company. At School Crafts, we offer a comprehensive range of school essentials all in one place, coupled with exceptional services. Our product offerings encompass Class Room Furniture, Office Furniture, Montessori Equipment, Teacher Aids, Educational Toys, Class Room Decorative Materials, and Class Room Accessories.

Indoor Play Booster

Indoor Play Booster

5, Guangzhou Wonka Playground Co., Ltd



Wonka Playground Co., Ltd. is situated in Panyu, Guangzhou, China, and serves as a comprehensive turn-key solution provider for indoor playgrounds. They specialize in producing children’s play equipment and offer services that encompass children’s theme park planning, design, and brand operation.

Their wide range of products includes decorative elements, children’s soft playground equipment, super trampolines, rope courses, ninja courses, VR simulators, coin machines, family entertainment options, and more. Wonka Playground Co., Ltd. is dedicated to creating exciting and engaging indoor play environments for children and families, offering a full suite of solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

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