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Best 5 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Manufacturers In China 2023


Carbon fiber wraps make your vehicle look as if it has a veil over it. Yes, you heard that right, a veil that changes how you view your car. And more importantly, the added layer of protection is really worth taking a moment to appreciate!

With carbon fiber wrap, you get a solid overlaying of UV-resistant protection, without any seaming. Even when you peel the wrap away, there will be no leftovers.

Especially for car geeks, this has been a game-changer as well as a fun trip, because it takes a minimum amount of time to install the whole system and the output is stunning as well.

What Do People Like About Carbon Fiber Wrap?

Carbon fiber wrap can be used to wrap almost anything. A good carbon fiber wrap allows you to have a very classy finish at a very low cost.

Shield:The carbon fiber wrap protects against corrosion and erosion. It does not allow moisture to trespass into the structure.
Impressive intense heat capacity:With its high tolerance capability, your product remains safe even in intense heat. It is also UV-resistant.
Flexibility strength:When you wrap your exterior area, it gives it more flexibility so you can mold it according to your preferences. It is lightweight and flexible at the same time.
Toughness:When the wrap is applied, it ensures that your structure gets tough. Say no to further damage.
Restore scarring:Scarring and scratches on your vehicle will be repaired with a carbon fiber wrap. Because it gives you a full coverage.

Best 5 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Manufacturers In China 2023

1, Ravoony


Ravoony is a high-end car wrap film brand that combines development, production, operation, and packaging. It has been dedicated to the development of car wraps and paint protection films since its inception. Having strong capital and technical strength, Ravoony offers a wide range of high-quality car wraps films at competitive prices, allowing car owners to customize their cars’ exteriors according to their wishes at affordable prices.

They are a manufacturer of three-layer composite vinyl wrap films, a leading manufacturer of car wraps, and one of the experts in researching and developing special effect films, and we have a professional color research laboratory in China that studies the original color of the car and the market color trends and demands as a research direction. Currently, Ravoony offers more than 20 vinyl wrap film series and 300 colors for car owners.

2, Anolly


With well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force, Guangzhou Dero Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd and Guangzhou Anolly Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd manufacture Self Adhesive Vinyl products. Their vinyl are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs and are widely used in decoration, advertising, and other industries. Our products are of high quality, reasonable prices, and stylish designs.

3, Sinovinyl


A well-known manufacturer and exporter in China, Sino Group Limited specializes in wrapping products. Since 2008, this remarkable company has been at the top of the wrapping industry. You will have a fantastic experience if you use any of their beautiful products or services.

Their excellent quality control system and well-equipped facilities have also ensured that their products have always been of the highest quality. In addition to vehicle wrap vinyl, they manufacture carbon fiber vinyl, graphic vinyl, DIY vinyl, and many other types of vinyl as well.

4, Mr-film


Since 2004, Mr.Film Plastic Industrial has been manufacturing self-adhesive vinyl products. With a distinctive design, affordable pricing, and certification, they strive to provide you with the best items possible.

Over ten product development patent certificates are held by the company. Their Vinyl is widely known and trusted by millions of consumers. The company has well-established and certified facilities that are ISO certified. As an added bonus, the company provides services all over the world.

5, Eaglevinyl


With its extraordinary technology and service, Eagle Vinyl is a manufacturer and exporter of the 21st century that provides Vinyl to a large number of customers. Despite being relatively new, this organization has been in business since 2012, and its efforts have resulted in success. This organization has worked with over 190 businesses on over 750 projects.

There is a wide variety of vinyl goods available at this company. A wide variety of vinyl goods are available with automobile wraps to architectural vinyl coverings, which produce a variety of high-quality vinyl goods. Their company will take your preferences into consideration throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in the production of various types of vinyl goods.