The invasive Red Lionfish has infiltrated the entire Caribbean region and has not made exception for the Swan Islands.  With no known culling efforts in place these islands are likely to turn in to a breading ground for these destructive fish and continue to populate the rest of the islands down stream of Swan, despite other countries efforts. 

Roatan, Utilla, Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos of the Bay Islands of Honduras all have active culling programs supported by their local dive shop businesses and divers.  Swan Islands does not have this fortune and if left much longer the reefs could face complete removal of reef fish species until there is nothing left until Lionfish.

Lionfish are known to eat other smaller Lionfish if there are no other food sources.  If all other fish have been eaten by Lionfish then there will be no reef grazing fish to clean the corals. The reefs are at risk to become over run with algae and eventually the hard coral coverage will die off. 

Perhaps what is needed is a Red Lionfish Expedition with a sole purpose to clean out these fish and give the reefs a chance of recovery.  Please add a note in the comments if you think this is a good idea and if you'd be interested in participating. 


    February 2013